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Hi! My name is Gabi and I am the resident witch around these parts…mwuahahaha: and I welcome you!!

Although there is a disclaimer on my website that this is all just entertainment, I can fully assure you I am in tune and awake to the universe and it calls me now to help you. I’ve been practicing and learning astrology for over 30 years and I love casting charts and explaining that crazy blueprint in the sky right back to them. Although, truth be told, I’ve barely known a soul that didn’t already have a clue on what they should be doing. This is where I come in! You see, not only am I a mom of 4, but I have helped myself out of a dark night of the soul and now I want to spill my wisdom nuggets everywhere!!! I had a very crazy childhood that twisted and turned in many ways but there was a point to it all.  The healing techniques I’ve learned along the way to just help myself has turned into a passion to help others. I hate seeing people sad and confused, and I know and knew before that there had to be a way out and there is !! Believe me, I took the scenic route to get here, so I figure if I had a me on my side I would’ve been through it a bit faster and with better understanding of what your soul is trying to say. We are all only having a physical experience anyway. Let’s make sure it’s the one you actually want. I can help with that!! Plus the merch!! You can show your love with astrology based gear for couples or just go ahead and rock that BMO logo and let them know who you know!!! Name drop!!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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